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جاكوار لاند روفر

مجموعة واجهة JLR DoIP VCI


حساب توبيكس

البرمجيات الهندسية (باثفايندر ، إس دي دي)

واجهة JLR DOIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface


تعتبر وحدة واجهة اتصال السيارة (VCI) المعتمدة من JLR الجديدة المعتمدة من JLR هي الوحدة الوحيدة التي ستكون متوافقة مع باثفايندر وجميع مركبات JLR مع هياكل المركبات الجديدة (من رينج رور / رينج رور سبورت (L405 / L494 ) 17MY فصاعدًا) أو السماح بالتشخيصات المحسّنة التي ستقدمها Pathfinder لمتاجر التجزئة. JLR DoIP VCI interface Kit
المنتج نبسب ؛
أجهزة جاكوار لاند رور الأصلية المعتمدة & nbsp؛

مجموعة الواجهة

Original JLR DOIP VCI  Topix account  Engineering software (Pathfinder, SDD)

JLR على الإنترنت
حساب Topix لمدة عام

Genuine Jaguar Land Rover Approved devices

معرفات برامج التشخيص JLR ، SDD & أمبير ؛ باثفايندر

Genuine Jaguar Land Rover Approved devices


  • Is this tool original Mercedes Benz?
    Yes, It is.
  • Will the system support official SCN coding?
    Yes the system support official Mercedes SCN online coding.
  • How to upgrade the Xentry Diagnosis?
    The KIT4 comes with an official Xentry license. So everything will be online download and upgrade.
  • Can I use it in the middle east?
    Yes, you can.
  • What will be the ordering process?
    Make the payment and we will ship it in 1-2 days: 1. PayPal +5% commission 2. Bank transfer
  • How long the order lead time?
    The order processing lead time will be 1-4 working days after the payment confirmed.
  • What is the difference between XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 and XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    The device concept was retained as with XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3. XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 has undergone a fundamental change. The WiFi connection between XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and the VCI is no longer established with two WiFi sticks, XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 now comes with a second WLAN card. This ensures a stable connection over lengthy distances. XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 is equipped with a 13.3 inch, multitouch, full HD display with a brightness of 400 nits, four USB type A 3.0 ports, and one USB type C port
  • What is fundamentally new in the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    Fundamentally new features are the 13.3 inches, multitouch, full HD display, a second WLAN card has also been installed, which ensures a stable connection over long distances between the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and the VCI.
  • Can I Order the VCI Multiplexer Alone?
    YES, you can!
  • What is included in the initial scope of delivery for XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    The initial scope of delivery includes the following: XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 with power supply unit including power supply plug, XENTRY Diagnosis VCI USB connection cable (5 m) OBD cable (16-pin) user information, and safety information. Please note that the cable adapter is no longer included in the standard scope of supply and it can be ordered individually, as required.
  • How can I connect XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and XENTRY Diagnosis VCI to each other?
    There are two ways of doing so: WLAN connection: As usual you can set up a direct connection per WLAN. Coupling must be performed for this. This should take place either during initial commissioning through ConfigAssist or later on in the VCI Manager. Cable connection: via the supplied USB connection cable.

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