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Chinese Clone or Original Piwis3 kit?. Why should NOT workshops buy Piwis3 Fake?

Until recently, we carried the diagnostics of the Porsche model range out only in dealership technical centers with the involvement of expensive professional devices and specially trained personnel. But today, every car enthusiast can buy quite affordable equipment and independently monitor the "health" of his car. On sale there are Chinese clones of devices with various functions - you can choose the right one, corresponding to the user's skills and requests. One of these devices, which has several fake analogs, is the Porsche Piwis 3. This is the latest professional diagnostic and software tool for all brands of Porsche cars until 2021.

Piwis III for Porsche is used for car diagnostics because it has the following features:

  • Assistance in maintenance, repair, programming control units, as well as setting codes.

  • Access to online programming of the immobilizer.

  • Identification of current problems in systems.

  • Support for special functions such as the modification or flashing in engineering mode.

Will a fake help you save money?

There is a category of drivers for whom the diagnostics and car repairs in service centers are constantly high. Therefore, some car owners decide to do their diagnostics. But will such diagnostics and repairs bring the expected result, and will it save money?

We can install an analog of Piwis 3 on any laptop, so some drivers save money by buying a fake Piwis 3. Experts assure that self-diagnosis of a car with such equipment carries both positive and negative aspects.


The advantage is that the Chinese analog of Piwis 3 can do almost everything as the original. In the Chinese analog, all encoding is identical to the original, all tutorials fit one to one. The Chinese counterpart also promises to provide updates. Also, the benefit of this diagnostic - you can read and encode any brand of Porsche.


But there are also disadvantages of such a diagnosis. Among the minuses we should mention:

  • poor quality of work (a qualified specialist will do the job better than an inexperienced amateur);

  • seemingly insignificant errors can lead to serious damage or complete failure of the vehicle;

  • the cost of purchasing original equipment.

You can't fix all car breakdowns on your own. After all, this will require not only special knowledge but also the appropriate technical support. We can replace some equipment with simple tools, analogs. And some - no. So if the malfunction is beyond your strength, you should not risk it. You will only waste time and effort, but you will not get the desired result.

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