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  • Is this tool original Mercedes Benz?
    Yes, It is.
  • Will the system support official SCN coding?
    Yes the system support official Mercedes SCN online coding.
  • How to upgrade the Xentry Diagnosis?
    The KIT4 comes with an official Xentry license. So everything will be online download and upgrade.
  • Can I use it in the middle east?
    Yes, you can.
  • What will be the ordering process?
    Make the payment and we will ship it in 1-2 days: 1. PayPal +5% commission 2. Bank transfer
  • How long the order lead time?
    The order processing lead time will be 1-4 working days after the payment confirmed.
  • What is the difference between XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 and XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    The device concept was retained as with XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3. XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 has undergone a fundamental change. The WiFi connection between XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and the VCI is no longer established with two WiFi sticks, XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 now comes with a second WLAN card. This ensures a stable connection over lengthy distances. XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 is equipped with a 13.3 inch, multitouch, full HD display with a brightness of 400 nits, four USB type A 3.0 ports, and one USB type C port
  • What is fundamentally new in the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    Fundamentally new features are the 13.3 inches, multitouch, full HD display, a second WLAN card has also been installed, which ensures a stable connection over long distances between the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and the VCI.
  • Can I Order the VCI Multiplexer Alone?
    YES, you can!
  • What is included in the initial scope of delivery for XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4?
    The initial scope of delivery includes the following: XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 with power supply unit including power supply plug, XENTRY Diagnosis VCI USB connection cable (5 m) OBD cable (16-pin) user information, and safety information. Please note that the cable adapter is no longer included in the standard scope of supply and it can be ordered individually, as required.
  • How can I connect XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 and XENTRY Diagnosis VCI to each other?
    There are two ways of doing so: WLAN connection: As usual you can set up a direct connection per WLAN. Coupling must be performed for this. This should take place either during initial commissioning through ConfigAssist or later on in the VCI Manager. Cable connection: via the supplied USB connection cable.
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